03 Jan

There’s some power that comes in driving a man wild, is n’t there?

perhaps it’s that look in his eyes when you show up wearing stilettos and a short skirt

Or when you do “ that thing ” in the bedroom

Whatever it is, you like it because his response, in turn, turns you on.

So it makes sense that you ’d want to know what differently you can do, including places to touch or kiss a man to turn him on. Just the fact that you ’re willing to put in that trouble is amazing because trouble is crucial to erecting that connection with your joe.

In this videotape, I show you five — fully PG- rated, I promise you! — places to kiss or touch a man that will make him crazy for you. Be sure to watch, because I give some veritably specific tips on how to get the most out of each move.

Jawline This is an unusual spot, you ’re presumably allowing, but it’s both sweet andsexy.However, touch his jawline, If you have n’t yet kissed a joe and want that to be. You ’re communicating that you want that intimate moment. I guarantee he ’ll get the communication.

Inner Wrist The inner wrist has a palpitation point, and is a vulnerable part of your body. What better way to make that palpitation pound than smoothly touching your lips to it?

Nipples There may be no natural reason for men to have nipples except for you to play with them! They ’re full of whim-whams consummations, and you can make him shiver with delight with a quick film of your lingo. Try smelling them for a bit more spice.

Earlobe This is another surprising spot to arouse a man, and it’s not for everyone, so pay attention to his response. Start by smoothly touching his earlobes. How does he respond? If he likes it, try kissing his earlobe.

Lower Back Okay, by far, you presumably suppose this is the weirdest of the places to touch or kiss a man, but trust me on this. It works. Start relaxing him with a little massage, also when you get down to his lower back, kiss it right above his midriff.

One final tip try varying your speed of touch or kisses. Going presto, also decelerating way down will make sexualtension.However, that builds expectation for him, If he does n’t know what you ’re going to do next.

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